Gone are the days of messy, dirty, melted wax and slipping off your board in steep drops, barrels and power turns. GryptaLite high-performance clear traction film has been engineered by surfers, for surfers, providing board control you didn’t know was possible. GryptaLite’s waxless surfboard traction technology is water reactive and performs perfectly in the cold and warm waters. Say goodbye to gunky wax, and say hello to those top board color, tints, graphics, and wood grain.


Perfect, clean, clear, soft and excellent traction- every surf

Works in every water and air temperature

Unlike wax, GryptaLite never melts or loses traction performance

eco-friendly & ocean-conscience

Unlike wax, GryptaLite no-wax surfboard traction pads don’t melt so no part falls off into the ocean or landfill

Out performs wax traction in every way

Out performs wax traction in every way

Perfect, clean, clear, soft and excellent traction for every surf & every board type

High Performance

• Micro-thin: ⅓ mm thick
• Weighs less than wax
• Protects the deck
• Never wears
• Completely transparent

Water Reactive

• The harder you press, the more it grips
• Grips in any water temperature
• Nothing sticks to it. Not sand, debris, your board bag, or your car seat!

Soft Traction

• Skin and wetsuit friendly
• Feels like suede when dry
• Not a gritty surface


I love GryptaLite Clear Grip. Renders wax obsolete. It’s tacky, almost invisible and still looks and feels like new a year after application. Excellent traction in the 50 degree water of Oregon AND the 80 degree water of the Philippines. Try it, you’ll like it!

Jerry | USA & Philippines

I ordered GryptaLite for my brand new board two years ago so that I didn’t have to cover over the look of the custom sprayed deck with wax! I was amazed by how it not only looked but how it performs! I was so happy with the result that I’ve put it on my latest new board I’ve added to my quiver. I am always recommending this product to my mates while out in the water.

Lachie | Australia

I have GrypaLite Clear Grip on all my boards and will never go back to wax. It grips better than wax with no chaffing, and there’s nothing better than not having to worry about re-applying wax before a surf. Plus, my boards stay clean and looking good.

Ed | USA

Since having GryptaLite on my boards I know every surf I go for my board is always perfectly prepped to use straight away in any conditions (hot or cold). Straight from my board bag to under my arm and straight into the line up every time with complete confidence. The transparency of the grip complimenting my board spray always looking new.

Simon Farrer | Australia

My GryptaLite rocks. Way better than wax, sticker in the water when ya need it and not in the board bag where ya don’t.

Joe | USA

Every board of mine from here on out will now have GryptaLite. It is not only more convenient than wax, but it out performs. I have never had a hand slip from the rail since using GryptaLite.

Sam | New Zealand


What is GryptaLite?

We've all thought about it, right? GryptaLite is a soft clear traction film that is replacing messy environmentally harmful wax . We checked all the boxes for a perfect traction system. Once and Done for the life of your board and Ocean.

Will GryptaLite Fit My Board?

Yes! Upon checkout we ask you to provide your board type, a phone picture of your board and measurements. We'll send you a perfectly cut piece of GryptaLite for your board specifications. Stoked.

How long does GryptaLite last?

For the life of the board. We also don't recommend leaving it sitting out in the direct sun for days, obviously.

How long does it take to install GryptaLite?

Short boards 20-30+ minutes

Long boards: 30-40 minutes

To properly install you must watch (start/pause) the installation video on your phone/tablet while installing. We've seen an elementary school kid install GryptaLite while watching the video tutorial.

I don’t have time or I don’t want to install the GryptaLite

There are GryptaLite Service Centers who can install it for you for a small fee/tip.

Click here to find a service center.

Or ask a crafty friend to help you…they like this kind of stuff!

Will GryptaLite protect my board deck

Yes. There are UV inhibitors in the GryptaLite, preventing yellowing in the sun. Small impacts/cuts to the board are shielded by the GryptaLite. These small impacts/cuts will not affect the performance of the GryptaLite traction.

Can GryptaLite be removed?

Yes. It can be removed with low heat: hair dryer or direct sun for 20 minutes will allow you to peel off the GryptaLite, but it takes muscle and paint thinner to scrape/clean off the adhesive.  The only time you might want to remove the GryptaLite would be for a ding repair - and then you only remove/replace the GryptaLite from the ding repair area. 

Will GryptaLite conform to pressure dings?

Yes. During installation, you can use the flexible squeegee and your fingers to press the GryptaLite into the pressure ding area.

Will GryptaLite give me a rash?

GryptaLite feels soft as suede. About 90% of our riders and customers do not have any problem with a rash, because GryptaLite is not a grit surface.  10% of our riders who were sensitive to GryptaLite were also sensitive to wax abrasion, or- rarely surf skin only (they haven’t built up a warm water skin to board tolerance). 

Solution:  That’s why they invented “Rash/UV Guards - Shirts, Leggings, and long length board shorts or compression shorts under your board shorts” right?  

By the way, after about 30 minutes, warm or cold salt/pool water will soften anyone’s skin- that’s a fact. If your local surf spot is warm water - you know your chest, thighs and arm skin are super soft compared to dry land. That’s just physics, you know how to get around that… put on your rashy! Then get after it on your GryptaLite excellent traction- clean, clear and fast. Here comes a set!

Will GryptaLite tear my wetsuit or booties?

Nope. GryptaLite feels like soft as suede. We spent 3 years perfecting GryptaLite to be the best it can possibly be - a dream traction come true!

How do I remove wax that got on my GryptaLite?

Sun or Hair Dryer: Soften up the wax, then use the Foam Ball that came in your kit. Turn your board bag inside out, and clean off the wax with the Foam Ball that came in your kit! Get the bottom of your booties too- Dang Dirty wax! Once and done.

How do I remove tar from GrypaLite?

Bummer dude. Heat up the tar with a hair dryer. Scrape off the warm tar with a plastic scraper, or plastic putty knife. Then try a citrus cleaner (like the “Goof Off” stuff) and a rag/bristle brush/tooth brush. Finish clean it with paint thinner. Finally, clean it with hot dish soap and water. The tar may leave a stain, sorry dude. Good to go though!

Any advice on ding repairs?

This is a cool fix! All you have to do is email us a picture of your ding with the length and width dimensions of the ding, and your name, address and email. Then we will send you - at no charge, a piece of GryptaLite to patch the ding repair area!  FREE-BAM!

Here’s how the GryptaLite Ding Repair works: You will cut out the GryptaLite around the ding repair area and replace the cut out with the new GryptaLite we send you that includes simple: trace, cut and reinstall instructions. Super easy and fast!

Waxless Surfboard Traction Film