Waxless Traction Pad Technology

Though wax has been a regular aspect of surfing for many years, now you can find a better option. Get the traction you need to surf without messing up your board with wax when you use clear traction film. GryptaLite offers a clear adhesive-backed film that does the job of wax without the fuss. Our clear surfboard grips are micro-thin and cut to the exact shape of your board. In addition to providing excellent traction, the clear film also protects the deck of your board. Stop covering up the design and color of your board when you use our waxless traction pad technology.

Designed by surfers for surfers with over three years of research and development, GryptaLite specifically designed a clear surfboard grip traction film. We made a check list for the perfect traction and ticked off all the boxes. Starting with WATER REACTIVE, which means the traction is grippy when wet and sticks to nothing when dry. Works in all water temperatures. Totally clear to show the boards graphics, sprays, tints, and grain. UV-stabilized clear grip that stays clean and clear no matter how much you use it. One-piece system with a perfect pre-cut shape the same as the board. Lighter than wax, with perfect traction every surf. We did our homework.

Experience unrivaled traction with a soft surfboard traction film from GryptaLite. It feels like suede when dry and won’t harm your wetsuit or feet. Surfers have been waiting for a clear traction pad technology, and it’s finally here. No one loves using wax anyway. GryptaLite high-performance traction is the latest technology in surfboard traction. Learn more about our products when you contact us today.