About Us

Wax has long been the go-to material to get you sticking to your board but as we know wax leaves a sticky residue that finds its way onto your board bag, backseat, wetsuit, booties and the bottom of the ocean.

GryptaLite High Performance Traction is an Eco-friendly alternative to surf wax that will transform the way you think about surf traction. Pre-Cut the Exact Shape as Your Board from your phone pic; GryptaLite is a clear thin film so you can enjoy your board art, tint and sprays.   Soft to the touch in and out of the water, providing insane traction because its water reactive so the harder you press the more positive grip it provides. Perfect traction every surf, every water temperature, lasting the life of your board and ocean.

This high performance surfboard traction works great for all shapes and sizes of boards; shortboards, longboards, gliders, guns, kneeboards, foil boards, bodyboards, skim boards, kite boards, SUP’s and skateboards! We know what you’re thinking - how have you not heard of this sooner? Let’s just say - we all thought about it. Finally, GryptaLite did it right - after 3 years of international R&D. Designed and engineered by surfers for surfers. We checked all the boxes.


· Micro-thin: 1/3 mm thin

· Pre-Cut the exact shape as your board from a phone pic

· Water Reactive Positive Grip- wont move or melt/slip off

· Best for Carbon Graphite, Polyester and Epoxy resin constructions

· Weighs less than wax. GryptaLite floats, wax sinks

· Protects the deck

· Never wears out


· When Wet: The harder you press, the more it positively grips

· All water temperatures- excellent traction every surf

· When Dry: Nothing sticks to it. Not sand, debris, board bag, or your car seat!


· Skin and wetsuit friendly

· Feels like suede when dry

· Not a grit surface


· Stays clean and clear

· UV Stabilized

· Finally enjoy your board art/ graphics, sprays, tints, Carbon Graphite and         wood grain