Clear Surfboard Pad Vs. Wax

Clear Surfboard Pad Vs. WaxClear Surfboard Pad Vs. WaxClear Surfboard Pad Vs. Wax

For decades, surfers have used surf wax to build up bumps and grips on their boards to create traction. But now there is a better way. Surfboard traction pads or films are easy to apply and last the lifespan of your board. Learn about the difference between clear surfboard traction pads vs. wax.

An interest in the environment and man’s effect on it, has brought about a desire for environmentally friendly alternatives to surf wax. Most wax is not biodegradable, and you must reapply each time you want to surf. Surf wax can melt off your board and fall into the ocean, which is toxic for the living marine environment. Once wax gets warm, it loses its ability to stick on the board; even after it cools down, wax is never the same and much slicker than the first application, which means you must put more wax on the board to keep you from slipping off. Wax just keeps getting thicker and heavier with every application, not to mention looking dirtier and polluting the water as it expels softener and fragrance oils; likewise, when wax pieces fall off your board, they pollute the water or add to the landfill when you remove them. With a clear surfboard grip pad, your board remains clear, clean, light, and fast. With GryptaLite, it’s one and done for the life of the board and ocean. You’ve gained traction performance and stopped polluting the water.

A major difference between surfboard wax vs. traction pads is that wax is messy while traction films don’t leave any residue. Forget about your board and wax sticking to your surfboard bag, your wetsuit, and messing up your car when you use a clear surfboard grip pad from GryptaLite. The film provides clear, clean, light, and perfect traction every surf, which will last the lifespan of your board. Further, another benefit to using clear surfboard traction pads vs. wax is that the grip pad won’t slip out of place.

Each GryptaLite high-performance traction film is pre-cut to the exact size and shape of your board. Simply send us a photo of your board or upload a factory image of your board, and we’ll create the perfect clear traction film that is an exact shape as your board. Mad science!

GryptaLite offers an incredible alternative to surf wax. You only install it once, and it’s guaranteed to last the lifetime of your board. Watch our easy installation videos to ensure you know how to install the traction pad on your surfboard.