Temperature Resistant Traction Pads

GryptaLite’s temperature-resistant adhesive holds up in all water and air temperatures. With our surf films, the amount of traction you get won’t change no matter the condition. The traction on these films is always perfect and never wears out. Though surf wax is an alternative option, it can melt in the sun or the back of a warm car, but our surfboard films never change. The coating is soft like suede and won’t harm your feet or your wetsuit.

Our traction films work like heat-resistant tape for surfboards and skateboards. In fact, we even offer a clear film for your skateboard that is better than grip tape. With GryptaLite, your feet won’t slip off your board, and you can show off your design. Hit the skate park in style with a clean board that helps you pull off your best moves.

GryptaLite temperature-resistant traction pads work in all water and air temps, are transparent and pre-cut to fit your board. Simply send us a picture of your skateboard or surfboard, and we’ll create the film you need. Our clear traction pads give you an edge in the ocean or on the half pipe. Take your game to the next level when you start using our advanced traction technology today.

Traditional surf wax gets everywhere, so switch to the alternative. Though many surfers use it for traction, it can also be a pain to deal with and a challenge to remove. It can melt into your board bag, fall off into the ocean, and even get on your wetsuit clothes and in your hair. For many years, it’s been the only option for maintaining traction on your surfboard. Now, you can avoid wax and front foot foam pads all together when you try GryptaLite’s temperature-resistant traction pads. Contact us today to learn more about our products.