Gryptalite is delivered pre-cut to the exact measurements and shape of your  board. 

Gone are the days of heavy old melted wax and slipping off on perfect turns. GryptaLite high performance traction has been engineered by surfers, for surfers, providing board control you didn’t know was humanly possible. Pre-Cut 1 pc. the exact shape as your board, GryptaLite’s technology is Water Reactive Traction (super grippy when wet), totally transparent, lighter than wax at 1/3 mm thin and performs perfectly in cold and warm water. Clear, Clean and Fast. Once and Done Right- Excellent Traction every surf, for the life of your board and ocean. Made in USA.

  • Water Reactive: Excellent traction when wet, soft non-stick when dry
  • Wetsuit and Skin Safe/Friendly
  • Lightweight at 1/3 mm Thin (lighter than wax) and Transparent
  • Easy to Install, Pre-Cut the exact shape as your board from a phone pic
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CARBON FIBER board construction & dark colors
  • UV Resistant (won't yellow)
  • Non-Polluting
  • Excellent Traction, every surf, in warm and cold water
  • Lasts the life of your board
  • Made in USA