Fits any Shortboard 5-6 to 6-5,  1675 to 1980 mm.

Universal Grip Pre-Cut length is 36" Long and can be trimmed to fit your tail pad. 

SELECT YOUR BOARD WIDTH.  Available in 4 Board Width Sizes:

  • Size 1:  18.2" to 19.1" Wide
  • Size 2:  19.2" to 20.1" Wide
  • Size 3:  20.2" to 21.1" Wide
  • Size 4:  21.5" to 22" Wide

Gone are the days of heavy old melted wax and slipping off on perfect turns. GryptaLite high performance traction has been engineered by surfers, for surfers, providing perfect foot-board control you didn’t know was humanly possible. Pre-Cut 1 pc. the exact shape as your board, GryptaLite’s technology is Water Reactive Traction (super grippy when wet), totally transparent, lighter than wax at 1/3 mm thin and performs perfectly in cold and warm water. Clear, Clean and Fast. Once and Done Right- Excellent Traction every surf, for the life of your board and ocean. Made in USA.

  • Water Reactive: Excellent traction when wet, soft non-stick when dry
  • Wetsuit and Skin Friendly 
  • Lightweight at 1/3 mm Thin (lighter than wax) and Transparent
  • Easy to Install, Pre-Cut as shown in image
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CARBON FIBER board construction & dark colors
  • UV Resistant (won't yellow)
  • Non-Polluting
  • Excellent Traction, every surf, in warm and cold water
  • Lasts the life of your board
  • Made in USA